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Our story

DRITSAS HSBS is a family owned Greek company active in the coffee sector since the early 1970s. Sample between dozens of fine coffee varieties. Combine unique flavors, aromas and let us show you the secrets of coffee. Join us today and let’s get to know each other.

Our Tradition

since 1972

The effort was launched by George Dritsas in 1972, with a small coffee shop in Ilisia. The distribution was then by bike. Our blend was loved by our customers and in 1978 we opened the factory DRITSAS – GOLD COFFEE in MOSCHATO.

George Dritsas  safekept the tradition of Greek coffee, which starts from the Greek cafes in Istanbul and Izmir some 300 years ago.
The process of maintaining blends, recipes and packing secrets was challenging.
The fact that our old customers remained faithful to us and we gained new ones along the way, fills us with courage to face each and every challenge.

Since 2010 the children of George Dritsa continue the family tradition. The plant is constantly updated with state of the art equipment, always in respect to the Greek and coffee blending tradition. New products and flavors are added and the evolution continues.


Just… coffee